A Brief Introduction to the Different Types of Damp in Properties

Damp is a common property defect that can have significant impacts on the health, comfort, and value of a building. Damp can be caused by various factors, including poor ventilation, leaks, and rising damp. Here are some of the most common types of damp and how to remedy them: By understanding the causes of damp […]

Following the Trail and Identifying the Cause of Damp

Damp can be a major problem in a property and can cause serious damage if left unaddressed. To effectively solve a damp issue, it is important to identify the cause so that the appropriate remediation measures can be taken. Here’s how to follow the trail of damp to identify the cause: By following these steps, […]

A Quick Guide to the Property Buying Process

Buying a property can often be a long process, sometimes time months. In this article, we break down the process so you can understand exactly what is involved. There are various steps to buying a property, we summarise some of the main steps and what to expect at each stage. Finding a property The first […]

A Quick Guide to Selling your Property

There are various steps to selling a property, we summarise some of the main steps and what to expect at each stage. Property goes on the market At this stage your property is advertised by an agent and is on the market, they carry out viewings and ensure that your property attracts suitable interest and […]

Tips to Keep your Home Warm During Winter

Keeping your property warm over winter can often become more costly with energy prices rising. So it’s important to consider various measures that can help you retain heat in your property and ensure that your heating is working efficiently. In this article we provide some useful tips to help you keep your property warm. Bleed […]