Tips to Keep your Home Warm During Winter

Keeping your property warm over winter can often become more costly with energy prices rising. So it’s important to consider various measures that can help you retain heat in your property and ensure that your heating is working efficiently.

In this article we provide some useful tips to help you keep your property warm.

Bleed your radiators.

If the top of your radiator is colder than the bottom then there could be cold air trapped inside, which prevents it from filling with hot water and hence heating up. So, by bleeding the radiator you’ll release the air and allow the hot water to flow inside this will allow your heating to work more efficiently.

Don’t let the top of the radiator to get blocked

Sometimes the top of radiators can get blocked with clothes or other items. It’s important to let the warm air flow and ensure the heat can circulate.

Draught proof

Draught proofing anywhere that could be susceptible to letting cold air in will help keep your home warm. There’s draught excluders that can be bought for doors (which should be left closed where possible) as well as self-adhesive foam tape which can be applied to windows too.

Make sure there’s adequate insulation

This is particularly important around your property including in the loft, where heat can often escape, and possibly under floors and within external walls.

Check the boiler

An inefficient one can affect your heating bill so it’s really important to regularly get it serviced and checked around once a year. Also don’t forget to check on thermostats too, even if you’ve set the heating to come on and off at certain times, an old thermostat can sometimes lead to delays in the property heating up or it being heated at higher temperatures.