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Qualified RICS Surveyors

Our surveyors have extensive knowledge of the North West property market, building pathology and construction and regularly undergo professional development to stay up to date. Our surveyors are RICS qualified and will answer any questions you may have after you receive your survey report.

Manchester Based Surveying Firm

We are a family-run, independent surveying practice based in Manchester. With years of experience of the Manchester and broader North West property market, our qualified surveyors aim to make your home buying experience as stress-free as possible so you can make an informed decision.

Fixed & Competitive Pricing

Due to the nature of being a small independent surveying firm, we are able to keep our overheads and costs low and as a result, we are able to offer competitive prices for our surveying services. Find out more about our pricing policy on our Pricing page or contact one of our team.

Property Valuation Report

What is a RICS Valuation?

A Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuation is a professional assessment of the value of a residential property. It is carried out by a qualified RICS surveyor who will provide an impartial and accurate estimate of the property’s worth.

All Our Surveyors Are:

RICS Qualified
Highly Skilled

What This Includes

  • Inspection

    The surveyor will visit the property to carry out an initial inspection and take notes on the property’s condition, features, and location. They will also take photographs and measure the property.

  • Research

    The surveyor will research the local property market and gather information on recent sales of similar properties in the area. They will also take into account factors such as the local economy, infrastructure, and housing market conditions.

  • Analysis

    The surveyor will analyze the information gathered during the initial inspection and research and use it to determine the property’s value. They will consider factors such as the size, age, condition, and location of the property, as well as any unique features or improvements that may affect its value.

  • Report

    The surveyor will produce a comprehensive report detailing the property’s value and the reasoning behind it. The report will also include recommendations for any repairs or improvements that may be necessary to enhance the property’s value.

  • Valuation

    The surveyor will provide a final valuation of the property, taking into account all of the information gathered during the inspection, research, and analysis. The valuation will be based on the best available evidence and will provide an accurate estimate of the property’s market value.

It is important to note that a RICS valuation is not the same as a full building survey. A RICS valuation provides a general overview of the property’s value, while a full building survey provides a more in-depth analysis of the property’s condition and construction. Property owners should consider the purpose of the valuation and their own requirements when choosing between a RICS valuation and a full building survey.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Aspect Surveying is a professional firm of surveyors, they always deliver their reports ahead of time and are happy to answer any questions.

Great company, happy to recommend to others, friendly team and they were able to answer the questions that I had.

Really useful information, I was able to use that to help me budget how much I needed to spend on the property.

The survey helped me to get a better idea of the costs so I was able to take that into account and go back to the vendor.

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